The Africans who were captured and brought to America were at an extreme disadvantage against their capturers. They were unarmed, out numbered, and shackled. Individual Slaves who resisted or fought back were punished in the most savage ways. These punishments were displayed in front of others slaves to instill fear in them. But the daily life as a slave would be so degrading and abusive that many slaves decided to fight back. No longer willing to live under the conditions of slavery, their motto became “Freedom or Death.


The most well known slave revolt in American history is the “Nat Turner Rebellion” an uprise led by the great freedom fighter Nat Turner. There were many others, but because slavery was institutionalized in the South, whites who defended slavery had the law on their side. And this law was backed by a Confederate Army, who had more weapons and manpower to suppress slave revolts.


Even though the odds were against them,  slave uprisings continued through out the years of slavery in America. With around 250 slave revolts taking place.


Black History

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